Monday, July 31, 2006


The final night performance was simply wonderful. All the dancers were on fine fettle. Wordsworth and his orchestra were fantastic too. The entire company's performance seemed to be further enhanced from their opening night, assuming it was their final night, hence less nerves, and being their final show for the season before the tour, everyone just gave their all.
Gordon's Rake's Progress was definitely a masterpiece, just as Wordsworth once mentioned in the Insight Evening. Special part of the ballet that touches my heart was watching Laura Morera as the Betrayed Girl in Rake's Progress and the music in all her solos. I cannot imagine who else would be a better Rake than Johan Kobborg. He seemed to be technically and dramatically at ease with the role.

In the Divertissements, each and everyone of the dancers in their respective roles were remarkable. I could not fish out specifically who was the best, as they are so diverse in terms of characterisation and choreography.

Viacheslav Samodurov in Satan's Solo was majestic, he was fully in control of the music and the stage. His final pose is contradictorily a glorious moment (to me). Zenaida's Dante's Sonata solo was beautifully performed. Amidst the violent head-banging action (which I thought made her hair portray an illusion of a mohican hairstyle), she contrasted it with the fluid use of arms and body.

Tamara Rojo and Carlos Acosta's Romeo and Juliet was extremely touching. Both of them just do magic to these roles. Marianela Nunez and Thiago Soares were fantastic in Elite Syncopations, she was such a delight to watch. Her glowing personality and his charm did wonders to the pas de deux.

Apart from being musically and technically strong, Miyako Yoshida illuminate the joy and love of dance when she is dancing, perhaps this is the x-factor for a beautiful dancer.

Thank goodness for a modern number in the program to show the versatility of Royal Ballet dancers, McGregor's Qualia was an appropriate choice. Both Edward Watson and Leanne Benjamin was extraordinary and captivating.

Homage to the Queen was marvellous. Special mention, Federico Bonelli's Earth solo, which he danced effortlessly with expansiveness and grace, Lauren Cuthbertson and Laura Morera for being a pair of beautiful and contrasting dancers, enhancing and glorifying their individual qualities and, last but not least, Steven McRae, for doing the impossible.

All in all, it was an enjoyable evening. Glorious dancing, glorious music. I was left speechless after the evening's performance. Huge thank you to Monica Mason for a sensational season, and what a superb program to end


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