Friday, May 19, 2006


Cast of Sleeping Beauty Curtain Call, with Valeriy Ovsyanikov (Conductor)
"This production is an enormous pleasure to watch, and the three hours fly by. Everything seems light and airy, colourful and beautiful, and not at all anodyne. This was not the case with the last two productions, whatever their merits, where the settings and lighting somehow drained life out of the ballet. Many of the reviewers have commented that the costumes are less vivid than the Messel originals, so it will be interesting to see how things develop. I would certainly like to see the Prince in a red jacket, as seen in the iconic photo of the awakening from 1946.
Tamara Rojo as The Sleeping Beauty - Aurora
Tamara Rojo is really in her prime - such a beautiful and expressive face, and dancing of great brilliance. Federico Bonelli presents a very noble and elegant Prince. Once again the Grand Pas de Deux was, quite properly, the highlight of the evening. "
Personal Review

Florestan and His Sisters, Isabel McMeekan, David Makhateli, Lauren Cuthbertson
Lauren Cuthbertson danced with wit in her hands and feet in her solo in Act 3. It was very exciting to watch. Princess Florine and the Bluebird, Laura Morera and Yohei Sasaki
Laura Morera was light and gorgeous as Princess Florine, as light as she is, she danced with attack and umph (Not sure if I spelled this correct) Her solo was performed effortlessly. Yohei Sasaki's limelight seemed to be stolen by Morera. Carabosse and The Lilac Fairy, Elizabeth McGorian and Alexandra Ansanelli
Alexandra Ansanelli portrayed as a demure yet powerful Lilac fairy. Her mime scenes were performed with care and her dancing was excellent. Almost flawless. McGorian's evil Carabosse sends chills down my spine. Just to add about Carabosse's costume, I thought her main costume looked exceptionally sensual, with black lace up the chest and an opened neckline. Personally I thought Gary Avis's King Florestan XXIV was mighty and his portrayal was dynamically performed. Princess Aurora and Prince Florimund, Tamara Rojo and Federico Bonelli
Both Tamara Rojo's and Federico Bonelli's dancing in Act 2 and 3 were immaculate. Rojo's Act 2 and 3 were the main highlights of the evening. Her entree in Act 1 and the Rose Adagio was quite disappointing, I feel. I was not convinced that she was a young beautiful princess attending her 16th birthday party. Bonelli's dignified Prince Florimund, seemed to handle his solos and pas de deux with immense confidence.
Curtain Call

I enjoyed Wheeldon's Garland Dance. The choreography is lovely, he played with the use of the Garland, patterns and space, creating an extraordinary harmonious group dance. It was a joy to watch. In addition, the colours of the costumes of the corps for the Garland Dance and by dancing with the garland of flowers (roses), embody the essence of Springtime.


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