Sunday, May 14, 2006


Widow Simone: Philip Mosley
Lise: Laura Morera (First performance)
Colas: Ricardo Cervera
Alain: Giacomo Ciriaci
Laura Morera and Ricardo Cervera
It was definitely a very very special night for Laura Morera. She sparkled radiantly as Lise. She handled the characterisation of Lise naturally. Apart from her acting, personally, I felt that she managed Ashton's choreography brilliantly. Her quick footwork was handled with crisp and attack, and her upper body was filled with lovely epaulment and fluid port de bras.
Laura Morera

Laura Morera as Lise and Ricardo Cervera as Colas
Ricardo Cervera's Colas was full of youth and cheekiness. However, he didn't quite managed his solos as he would have on previous nights. His pirouettes were unsteady, however, his leaps were particularly buoyant and interesting to watch.
It was utmost enjoyable to watch such a lovely partnership dancing on stage. Both dancers synchronized their lines and attack, creating a very harmonious effect on stage.
Giacomo Ciriaci was a heartwarming Alain, Philip Mosley was a delightful Widow Simone. His/her clog dance was performed with zest of the character. It was great pleasure to see the rest of the company in their characters and enjoying themselves on stage. Apart from one of the harvesters being out of line, the rest of the company was very much in sync. Also, it was nice to see Royal Ballet School's Sergiy Polunin (Winner of 2006 Prix de Lausanne, and 2006 Young America Grand Priz) on stage. Company Cast
It was a jubilant and enjoyable performance. It was a special evening for a new Lise. Morera deserved her little glory. Congratulations to Morera and the company for the happy vibes they sent, throughout their performance.


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