Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Royal Ballet had an 'informal' event, ROYAL BALLET MASTERCLASS in the LINBURY, presenting rehearsals from Birthday Offering (Ashton), and The Sleeping Beauty (Petipa, de Valois, Ashton, Dowell, Wheeldon) Artist involved in this event were, the legendary Donald MacLeary, First Soloist, Alexandra Ansanelli and Soloist, Valeri Hristov. Pianist was Philip Cornfield.
In Birthday Offering, both dancers rehearsed the pas de deux. Ansanelli was a delight to watch, her technique was clean and neat. Her balances were very assured. Valeri Hristov provide more support than dancing in this pas de deux. As much as Anasanelli is a technically strong dancer, I believe firmer handling from Hristov would be helpful.
In Sleeping Beauty section, Ansanelli rehearsed Aurora's solo from Act 1. She did a slightly different version from the Royal Ballet's, which MacLeary then amend and re-rehease. Ansanelli's strength lies in her prolonged balances which most of the audience hold their breath as she holds hers. Strong technique, joyful and pleasant personality, I believe her future is bright with the Royal. MacLeary shared some nostalgic memories of his, when he was a dancer and student, personally I appreciate greatly, as I believe the heritage of ballet needs to be preserved and shared amongst the generations. MacLeary mentioned an issue, which I strongly agree, that ballet is an art form and not an atheletic presentation. "We are dancing to tell a story, we are not training dancers for the olympics." Which is very very true. There is no pleasure watching a person getting their legs by their ears or doing world-breaking record of fouette pirouettes when they cannot even show any emotions on their face.
I am personally very grateful to have this ticket to watch the Royal Ballet Masterclass, it was highly informative and inspiring.


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